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MassTone has set the standard in Exhibition Design, Corporate and Private Collection management and implementation.

masstone : (n) 1. the full colour pigment or coating, when applied thickly 2. to cover one hundred percent of the work one set out to do

'Thanks to technology, exhibition planning can be simply amazing'

3D-Render of Somerset House

Exhibition Planning

Using a front-loaded planning strategy, design concepts can be modelled in DWG-drawings and 3D rendering in advance to maximise the efficiency of the installation and cut significant costs on exhibition set up times and process. Multiple curatorial parties can collaborate more effectively to pre-agree build layout, lighting design, colour temperatures and placement plans.



‘Good lighting design is the creative leap between hanging an exhibition and putting on a show’

Best Practise for Corporate Collection Management

We have collaborated with some of the world’s best-known architectural practices to design and integrate lighting, installation and environmental control systems into the fabric of a Corporate Collection’s building. This is particularly useful for new build strategies at the planning stage.


We can make technology work in relation to the needs of a Corporate Collection and have co-developed App systems to be placed into the heart of the architectural stage to meet the needs of the Corporate Curator, Risk and Facilities teams alike. Expandable features allow you to take full advantage of the latest technological advances to mitigate the need to damage integral architectural features of buildings in order to show multiple key artworks on demand.


Comprehensive Service for Exhibiting Private Collections

Masstone has strong working relationships with multiple trusted suppliers. Our production team can coordinate and integrate each supplier’s discipline into one coherent structure.


  • Catalogue production and publication
  • Advertising budgeting, planning and scheduling control
  • Licensing and rights management and budgeting
  • Opening event planning and budget control
  • VIP guest management (incl. international visas, flights, hotels and transportation
  • VIP security management


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App technology at your fingertips makes
environmental control easy

The processes we apply in the large scale (corporate) are equally applicable to the home: In some instances even more so as residential architectural features can be less flexible post-completion and decoration as those of Corporates therefore cost reduction of project management is even more key. More importantly, however, is the recognition that the investment in the artwork is personal as well as constantly developing.

With our app features at the fingertips at your home/family office you can be assured of maintaining quality of conservation through the monitoring of UV, humidity, heat and security – whichever residence your artworks are being transferred between.

From Space design to Gallery design

As well as applying our up-front planning approach to exhibitions and corporate buildings, Masstone is taking the best practise approach on to designing whole new-build gallery spaces.

Gallery re-build, Emirates Palace,
 Abu Dhabi, UAE